clean hands stay healthyHands are the main transmitter of germs. We use our hands to carry out most tasks during the day. Because we do it so automatically, we almost forget what an important tool they are. We use our hands to greet people, to type, to write, to eat, to open doors, to work, to drive...and now imagine how many germs you have passed on in one hour, let alone a full day... Hand hygiene is just as important as eating and sleeping. We sleep to feel better, we eat to keep us energized, we should ensure we clean our hands regularly to keep healthy. HELP reduce the spread of germs by washing your hands regularly or sanitizing if water isn’t available.




The Top 6 of the germ hot spots are mobiles, keyboards, door handles, shaking hand, staircase rails and vending machines.

germ hot spots



Step 1: Hand Wash

An essential step in hand hygiene best practice. Apart from removing any visible soiling from hands, the physical action of a good hand washing technique will remove high levels of bacteria also present on the skin.



Step 2: Sanitize

Hand sanitizers are very useful in killing many common germs on visibly clean hands when access to soap and running water is not available.




Step 3: Restore

This is the most important step in maintaining good skin condition. As a consequence of frequent hand washing, it is vital to regularly replenish the natural oils lost from the skin with the use of a reconditioning cream.