Hand Hygiene Solutions for Veterinary Practices 

The steps taken in veterinary practices to protect patients and staff from infection represent an important element in the quality of care. Some infections have the capacity to spread within environments where susceptible pets and people interact.

Hand hygiene is widely acknowledged to be the single most important activity that reduces the spread of infection. Hand hygiene should be performed immediately before and after every episode of direct person to person, or pet to person contact and after any activity that could potentially result in hands becoming contaminated.


Increase hand hygiene compliance with cost effective solutions that respect the environment


DebMed has a wide range of skin cleansers, hand sanitizers and healthcare lotions available to meet your requirements for all areas of the veterinary practice, from reception to treatment areas.

  • WASH

Using the appropriate hand wash is vital to help prevent the spread of germs and to remove visible soiling.


For use without water to kill germs and provide a high level of hand hygiene and skin disinfection when the hands are free of debris.


After work reconditioning creams help to maintain healthy skin condition by keeping the skin soft and supple, avoiding dryness. Good skin condition is an important element in ensuring good hand hygiene practice.

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