Commitment to Innovation

As the market leading away from home skin care system company, we place huge importance on new product development.

At Deb, we are committed to innovation with in-house global Research and Development based in UK, Germany, Canada and USA.

Understanding different working environments and how they impact on the skin drives our new product development strategy and our expertise has developed through many years' experience in virtually all sectors of the workplace.

Our two key areas of core expertise are Foam Technology and Dispensing Technology. Deb Group innovations include a number of ‘world first’ patented skin care formulations and dispensing systems available across all our skin care programmes.

Utilising state of the art 3D computer aided design software and prototyping techniques, Deb's design centre is at the forefront of dispensing technology. Using a range of testing equipment all aspects of new dispenser designs are validated to ensuring functionality, reliability and integrity in the field.

Our successful track-record of innovation and expertise demonstrates our commitment to launching innovative new skin care products and dispensing solutions regularly, bringing new benefits for our customers.

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