The Deb Purpose

Our purpose is to MAKE HANDS MATTER in the WORKPLACE. What this means is we implement skin care programmes that deliver essential products, vital information and standards of behaviour which increase efficency, improve skin health and prevent infection. Our aspirations are to be a thought leader in our space and the world's leading away from home skin care company.

The Deb purpose is adopted by all our employees and is achieved through embracing ‘best practice’ throughout the organisation.

Our purpose:

  • We are the supplier of choice for organisations who value employee and customer wellbeing
  • We build trust and maintain strong relationships with our customers
  • We help strengthen customer health, safety and hygiene programmes
  • We bring innovative skincare products and services to customers regularly
  • We develop partnerships with international customers
  • We like what we do
  • We generate ‘sizzle’ in our marketplace
  • We stick to our plans and keep our promises
  • We embrace best practice