Best Practice

The Solution – Improved cost-in-use

The range of Swarfega 'Cleanse' products consists of pump packs, bulk products and wipes. Additional to the hand hygiene and skin care benefits, the Swarfega range provides cost benefits.

Pump Packs

The Swarfega pump packs offer improved hand hygiene benefits over traditional 'dip-in' buckets. The pump encourages controlled dosage, one push is enough for a hand wash and prevents product from cross-contamination unlike traditional buckets.

Bulk Packs

This range of high performance hand cleansers removes all types of dirt and grime encountered in the workplace. These products have been carefully formulated to ensure they effectively do the cleaning job required and that people like and prefer to use them.


Tough, large wipes combined with heavy duty cleanser and added conditioner. Ideal for mobile and manitenance vans and use around the workshop.