Insights & Deb Solution

The Challenges

For any commercial setting, there is a daily challenge to maintain facilities to a standard that does not affect business reputation. Likewise, facilities must promote hand washing to prevent the spread of infections, and improve general satisfaction while reducing costs.

80% of germs are spread through personal contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, so it is imperative for washroom facilities to provide hygienic hand washing solutionsSource: World Health Organisation (WHO)

25% of bulk-fill liquid soap dispensers were found with high levels of bacterial contamination (65% of bacteria was coliforms, abundant in feces).  Source: Gerba, C.P. et al, Bacterial Contamination of Liquid Hand Soaps, 2006, University of Arizona.

Less than 6% of the population wash their hands adequately (over 15 seconds). Source Borchgrevink, C.P. et al, Hand Washing Practices in a College Town Environment, 2013, Michigan State University

The Issues

Germs and bacteria that cause common illnesses are invisible to the naked eye. Whether you are in a workplace, public facility, leisure environment or education establishment, germs are spread by people-to-people and through touching everyday surfaces.

Enclosed environments, where people are working or interacting in close proximity with one another, are particularly at higher risk of the spread of germs. With people often working or moving around public areas while ill, this can quickly lead to localised outbreaks among a larger number of people.Our hands are the primary vehicle to increase the spread of germs, yet there are no definitive guidelines on best practice.

    Poor hand hygiene will lead to increased illness and can result in:

    • Disruption cost and lost productivity through employee absence from work
    • Reduced employee efficiency through illness at work and lower morale
    • Damage to an organisation’s reputation
    • Brand damage through negative publicity

    Employers and facility managers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for workers and the general public. We believe addressing hand hygiene is an important part of this responsibility.