Skin Care Best Practice

Implementing Hand Hygiene Best Practice

Environments where people are working or interacting in close proximity with one another are particularly prone to the spread of germs and localised outbreaks. Multiple studies show that good hand hygiene compliance can reduce absenteeism and associated costs by 40%.

Maintaining Clean Environments Efficiently

More than 67% of consumers believe that bad bathrooms equal bad management (Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 2013). That means that a comprehensive hand hygiene program is crucial to business image. 

Skin Care Best Practice

The Deb Facility Program incorporates a variety of skin care products from the Deb Stoko® range, designed for different applications and user preferences.

A 4-Step Approach

Whether you are in a workplace, public facility, leisure environment or educational establishment, the Deb Stoko® range offers products that are effective, pleasant to use and gentle to the skin.

Protect — A range of SPF50+ sunscreen products ideal for leisure centres, outdoor workers, education staff and students.
Cleanse — Mild foam hand wash and shower products to meet specific needs and preferences.

Sanitise — With rapid activity against many common germs, Deb Stoko foam sanitiser provides a higher level of hand hygiene and are proven to be more pleasant to use and easier to spread than gels, sprays or liquids. They do not contain gelling agents, eliminating the sticky hand feel after use. Sanitisers are ideal for use outside the washroom e.g. at the work point, reception area, cafeteria and public areas.

Restore — After-work conditioning creams to help maintain healthy skin and avoid dryness. Good skin condition is an important element in ensuring good hand hygiene practice. People with skin problems tend to avoid hand washing and sanitising, increasing the risk of harboring pathogens on the skin.

Through the implementation of comprehensive training, education and feedback tools, the program is customised to each work environment to provide focus and understanding on hand hygiene and infection prevention.