Vital Information

To allow for the right products to be placed within each facility, it is imperative to get a good understanding of the environment where the dispensers will be placed and the products that will be used.

In order to do so, a site audit will be conducted by our trained sales representatives in order to draft a report that provides vital information on product needs and recommendations.

We will:

Determine the right dispenser and the right product for each part of the building
Identify hotspot zones where sanitising stations are recommended
Recommend when dispensers or personal use formats should be used
Draft a comprehensive site audit report that facilitates the program’s roll out and provide education tools to encourage hand hygiene and allow for a smooth transition
Guarantee follow-up by our team to ensure that the installation went well and to check whether any further support is required

By choosing Deb as your skin care provider you will benefit from one standard of skin care for all your requirements, allowing for effective monitoring, review and easier maintenance.​