Essential Products

The Deb Stoko® Range

This world leading skin care product range consists of unrivalled quality products and an incomparable breadth of range for all food industry sectors. The Deb Stoko® Range addresses the skin care requirements and preferences of all end users that are essential for effective skin health.

Deb can help you reduce the spread of germs and occupational skin disorders by driving hand hygiene compliance with our effective, integrated 4-step system to protect, wash, sanitise and restore the skin.

Protect Wash Sanitise Restore
Skin Protection Skin Cleansing Skin Restore

The Deb 4-Step Approach

Protect creams for application to clean hands before working or after washing hands. The range includes perfume-free and dye-free solutions which are non-tainting to food and are also suitable for use under gloves.

Appropriate hand cleansers to be used as soon as possible after hands become contaminated and/or immediately before/after visiting the toilet. The range includes perfume-free and dye-free foam and lotion soaps plus OxyBAC, antibacterial rich-foam hand wash with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®.

Hand sanitisers for use without water in hygiene sensitive environments and when hand washing isn’t possible to kill germs and provide a higher level of hand hygiene and disinfection.

Restore creams for application to clean hands at the end of the day/shift or prior to prolonged breaks. The range includes perfume-free and dye-free solutions which are non-tainting to food.

Why use Deb Stoko® Products.

The Deb Stoko® Range includes:

  • HACCP certified products
  • GECA certified products
  • Innovative cleansers and sanitisers with 99.999% kill rates
  • Antibacterial rich-cream foam cleansers and sanitisers, including the world’s first foam sanitiser
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-irritating products– safer for the user


  • Our products are mostly manufactured in Australia, minimising the supply chain and reducing carbon footprint
  • All Deb cartridges are recyclable, minimising the amount of packaging to landfill
  • Our products are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards
  • Our dispensing technology ensures that the exact amount of product required is released, reducing product wastage
  • Our foaming soap system is a sustainable innovation, delivering cost savings. Independent research reveals that using foam soap instead of traditional liquid/ lotion soap for hand washing reduces -

Water consumption by 16% - 45%

Product consumption and chemical waste

Energy required to heat water

Packaging waste