About Hand Hygiene

A lack of hand hygiene compliance by healthcare staff continues to be a significant contributor to the spread of pathogens, resulting in HCAI’s.

Hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics and other Healthcare Service Providers emphasise hand hygiene as the primary way to prevent infection. However, low compliance and increased risk of infection occurs due to:

  • Lack of availability of hand hygiene products at every point of care
  • Dry, chapped and irritated skin
  • Patient care priorities and emergencies
  • Time constraints

It has been estimated that at least 20% of HCAI’s are preventable. Healthcare workers and patients can work to reduce the number of preventable HCAI’s by following these guidelines:

  • Following good hand hygiene technique
  • Providing education for healthcare workers and patients on hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is one of the most cost-effective measures healthcare workers can take to reduce the incidence of HCAIs.

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