Highest Standards of Behaviour

A comprehensive range of best practice tools, resulting in lasting behaviour change for hospital staff.

We support you to change staff behaviour and meet the highest standards of skin care. The full implementation of the DebMed® Programme and adoption of the WHO ‘5-Moments of Hand Hygiene’ guideline in a healthcare environment requires a clear and practical approach to create behaviour change as defined in the following four actionable implementation stages:

We help you to…

Stage 1: Define

  • Define your desired improvement goal
  • Establish programme leadership
  • Gain buy-in from employees

To support this, Deb will conduct a DebMed® Hand Hygiene Assessment, Skin Condition Evaluation and site survey to establish the baseline hand hygiene compliance rate and define your skin care needs.

Stage 2: Implement

  • Upgrade your site to DebMed®
  • Educate your employees on the importance of hand hygiene
  • Train your employees how to adopt the ‘5-Moments’ guideline

To support this, Deb will install products & monitoring equipment, provide a tailored DebMed® Training & Education Toolkit and train your trainers.

We enable you to…

Stage 3: Empower

  • Establish the appropriate mechanism to enable you to provide regular feedback to employees
  • Communicate your ‘3-Moments’ compliance results
  • Provide meaningful and actionable feedback to your employees that empowers behaviour change

To support this, Deb will provide an easy to use, secure online Dashboard displaying real-time data and reports.

Stage 4: Embed

  • Integrate the ‘5-Moments’ guideline into your organisations’ formal infection control practices
  • Regularly communicate reminders about hand hygiene best practice to all your staff
  • Ensure all your new staff are made aware of the importance of skin care and their responsibility to adopt best practice

To support this, Deb will periodically review the Programme with the Leadership Team and conduct DebMed® Training.