Vital Information

An electronic system proven to be an accurate and reliable method of measuring hand hygiene compliance following the WHO ‘5-Moments’.

Providing Hand Hygiene Compliance Data With Results You Can Rely On.

The DebMed® electronic hand hygiene compliance system is the only research-based, badge-free system that captures all events based on the 'WHO 5-Moments for Hand Hygiene' and is proven to deliver a true compliance rate.


Monitored soap and sanitiser dispensers capture all usage events and transmit the data to a secure dedicated server


Our software compares actual usage data with the hand hygiene opportunity benchmark to create accurate and reliable compliance rates


Your dashboard is easily accessed securely online, or automatically sent to your inbox, to allow for real-time staff engagement


  • Clinically proven to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce HCAIs (MRSA and C.diff)
  • Generates significant cost savings
  • Uniquely captures 100% of actual hand hygiene events 24/7/365
  • Calculates real time compliance scores according to the WHO '5-Moment' guideline for hand hygiene opportunities - beyond just room entry and exit


  • Compliance scores are proven to be as accurate as video monitoring and significantly more accurate than direct observation
  • The calculation model has been scientifically validated to prove it accurately benchmarks the number of hand hygiene opportunities
  • The calculations are customised and calibrated based on hospital specific criteria to ensure accuracy
  • All data is accessed through the secure DebMed Dashboard which provides reliable and easy-to-read
  • Compliance reports allow for real time staff engagement and meaningful staff meetings to provide actionable feedback and drive lasting culture change


  • No badges to buy or maintain and interfere with workflows
  • Utilises wireless technology requiring no integration with hospital IT infrastructure