Survey & Evaluation

Skin Condition Evaluation

Deb’s specialist team of Skin Care Advisors conduct one-to-one staff evaluations to measure and assess their skin condition. This allows staff to receive individual feedback on their skin health and advice on product usage or referral where appropriate. In addition, the organisation receives a full feedback report (anonymised data) with an overall measurement of the Skin Health Risk Factor of an organisation or site. The skin condition evaluation protocol is independently validated by dermatologists and each staff assessment takes 5 -10 minutes.

The Skin Condition Evaluation measures:

  • Skin hydration
  • Transepidermal water loss
  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin sebum
  • Desquamation

Site Surveys

Our team of experts conduct pre-installation surveys to establish skin care needs and ensure that the appropriate Deb Stoko® products and dispensing systems are selected and installed where appropriate. This is followed by a post-installation audit to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the programme installed. Our team of experts are also able to conduct annual audits to provide a maintenance check of the installed Deb Stoko® dispensers, review the products in use and introduce any new products and education that can provide additional benefits for the customer.

Measure Usage

Measuring product usage, while relating to the '3-Moments' best practice standard, to establish skin care compliance and reinforce positive change in the workplace. There are three fundamental skin care compliance measuring components:

  1. Establish a denominator for the total number of hand cream application events that are possible within a given period (e.g. 1 day / 1 week). Apply the '3-Moments' standard - the number of workers x the number of potential skin care events for the time period
  2. Develop a sustainable method for measuring the number of actual events fulfilled in the given period (the numerator) - measure product volume consumed divided by dispenser dose size
  3. Calculate a skin care compliance base line in which to gauge improvements over time 

As skin care compliance data becomes available, it is essential to provide feedback to staff. This feedback serves three main objectives: demonstrates that there is a genuine concern for skin health within the workplace; reinforces to each member of staff their obligation to comply with skin care best practice; and demonstrates that the '3-Moments' standard is creating positive change.