For too long in industry, red, sore and cracked hands were an accepted part of the job. Under ever increasing legislation employers have a duty to provide their employees with the necessary products to minimise the risk of contracting occupational skin disease at work, ensuring skin remains healthy.

Good hand hygiene is a frequently overlooked area of industrial health and safety, that is, until it’s too late and problems such as irritation and inflammation, contact dermatitis and even skin cancer come to light. Fortunately these problems can frequently be prevented through the application of good practice and the use of appropriate protective measures together with appropriate washing lotions.”

The Deb Group has manufactured cleaning and hygiene products for over 65 years. Using the experience and expertise gained, Deb Australia has specifically developed the Suprega Industrial Skin care range to meet the skin safety requirements found in industrial locations

Suprega, a tried and very much trusted brand within industry has been around for over 30 years. The Suprega brand is synonymous with heavy-duty hand cleaning and now boasts an impressive product portfolio.

The new look, one stop Suprega Skin Safety Centre from Deb Australia provides complete and cost-effective hand protection for employees in manufacturing and industrial workplaces.

The Skin Safety Centre is organised around the same simple routine that Deb has used for years to help employees keep their skin healthy and avoid the kinds of damage that can lead to dermatitis. The Suprega Skin Safety Centre is a wall mounted board (600mm x 900mm) containing a Dispenser to suit Barrier Cream 1000ml, Liquid Soap 4000ml, Hand Cleaner 4000ml and Conditioning Cream 1000ml – everything you need for Deb’s 3 Step Total Skin Care Program.

For more information about the Suprega Skin Safety Centre please contact Deb Australia on 1800 090 330 or Deb New Zealand on 0800 332 695