Deb Group acquired by Charterhouse Capital Partners

Deb Group was acquired on Saturday, 27th February by Charterhouse Capital Partners, supporting a management buy out, led by Bryan Anderson and Russell Baker.

Charterhouse Capital Partners is one of Europe's premier private equity groups with an impeccable track record of successful investment. They bring the Deb Group access to a larger amount of investment capital and a very high level of professional expertise within their management team.

Given the sale is to a financial buyer, there will be no change to the leadership team nor the conduct of Deb Group.

Bryan Anderson, Chief Executive of Deb said:
"Barclays Private Equity has provided Deb with tremendous support since the original date of its investment in the business. Deb has developed and prospered under the ownership of BPE, who recruited a management team to take the business forward into new markets and sectors. The development of our new global headquarters and European manufacturing plant in Derbyshire is a clear illustration of this support. BPE passes on a highly successful, well invested company to Charterhouse Capital Partners"

Deb Group now looks confidently to the future under new owners who totally support the exisiting vision for the business.