Best Practice

The Solution – The Swarfega Skin Care System

A 3 step Swarfega skin care system helps to maintain the skin in good condition and retain its protective function. The system also meets health and safety requirements.

STEP 1: Protect

Swarfega Protect helps protect the skin against contact with potentially harmful contaminants and makes skin easier to clean.

STEP 2: Cleanse

Washing your hands regularly with any of the range of Swarfega hand cleansers prevents the build-up of soiling and reduces contact time with contaminants.

STEP 3: Restore

Regular use of Swarfega Restore at the end of each work period helps replenish the skin’s natural oils and prevent skin dryness. It also helps to reduce the risk of irritant dermatitis.

Improved cost-in-use – The Swarfega Skin Care System

The range of Swarfega ‘Cleanse’ products consists of cartridges and dispensers, pump packs and bulk products. Additional to the hand hygiene and skin care benefits, the Swarfega range of ‘Cleanse’ products provide cost benefits too.

From previous trial data, we estimate that the average use of bulk product in a hand wash is 40ml compared to a shot size of 4.5ml for a Swarfega cartridge, ideal for one hand wash.