The Deb Facility Program

Improve Washroom Environments and Prevent the Spread of Germs

For any commercial setting, there is a daily challenge to maintain facilities to a standard that does not affect business reputation. Likewise, facilities must promote hand washing to prevent the spread of infections, and improve general satisfaction while reducing costs.

The Deb Facility Program is intended to offer hand hygiene solutions for facility managers, employers and building service contractors looking to implement a successful infection control program while improving cost efficiencies and delivering a refreshed and sustainable washroom experience.

The Deb Facility Program integrates three unique elements:

  1. Deb Stoko Range Products - A complete range of skin care products to address all staff needs and working environments
  2. Survey & Assessments - Analyze the current site facilities and workflows by conducting a site survey to determine the right dispenser and the right product for each part of a building facility
  3. Changing Behavior - A comprehensive range of education & training tools combined with a structured process for changing behavior to increase hand hygiene compliance