BioCote® Silver Ion Technology

BioCote® silver ion technology has been incorporated into all Deb Stoko and TouchFREE dispensers.

BioCote® silver ion technology is:

Effective – reduces bacteria, mold and fungi on the surface of BioCote® treated Deb dispensers within as little as 2 hours and achieves up to 99.99% reduction over a 24-hour period*.

Long-Lasting – it maintains its antimicrobial performance for the lifetime of the dispenser; will not wear off, wash off or leach out.

Safe – Silver is regarded as non-toxic and is therefore a safe and natural alternative to synthetic, organic antimicrobials like Triclosan.

How does Silver Technology work?

  1. A BioCote protected surface with microbesMicrobes contaminate surface of BioCote® protected dispenser.
  2. Silver ions are available to act against contaminating microbes.
  3. Silver ions act against microbes in three ways:
    1. Silver ions combine with microbial proteins in the cell and cell wall
    2. Silver ions interfere with DNA replication
    3. Silver ions promote formation of reactive oxygen species
  4. A BioCote protected surface after the silver ions have actedMicrobes die, dispenser is protected from microbial deterioration.

For more information download our BioCote® leaflet »

* Efficacy is independently validated by ISO methods

Deb BioCote®

Diagram showing the process by which Silver ions attack microbes