The Deb Program for Nurseries and Primary Schools

Millions of school days are lost each year due to illness. Help reduce the spread of germs in your school by educating students on the importance of washing their hands with soap.

It is vital for children to understand the importance of washing their hands and to raise awareness of how this can reduce the spread of germs which may develop into colds and stomach bugs resulting in time off school. To do this they need to be taught how to wash their hands and when by their parents and by teachers at daycare and school.

Did you know? 189 million days are lost each year among students in K-12 schools, averaging 4.5 sick days per student per year.

      Why Choose Deb

      Save money and switch to Deb sealed cartridge soap dispensers

      Why Bulk Fill Soap Dispensers Are Not Good Practice

      Open and pour-in soap dispensers are not as hygienic as sealed cartridge systems. This is because they are open to the environment and can result in bacteria and germs breeding inside the dispenser.  

      Bulk fill systems are often inadequately cleaned and incorrectly refilled, continual refilling results in new soap being contaminated by old soap.

      Bulk soap refillable dispensers are prone to bacterial contamination - recent studies demonstrated that 1 in 4 dispensers are contaminated.*

      *Source: Hand Contamination And Bulk-Soap-Refillable Dispensers, Applied And Environmental Microbiology, May 2011 

      Benefits Of Choosing Deb Sealed Cartridge Dispensers


      • Less FOAM soap is needed compared to lotion soap, there are over 1,400 hand washes per 1 litre cartridge
      • Deb FOAM soaps are very economical in use and equate to less than one penny per hand wash!
      • FOAM soaps have better ‘spreadability’ than lotion soaps, which makes them more effective 
      • Deb dispensers deliver a measured shot of FOAM soap every time 
      • Deb dispensers are guaranteed for life against normal wear & tear


      • Sealed cartridges with integral pump to optimize hygiene levels 
      • Cartridges are quick and easy to change, with no mess or spills
      • Deb dispensers require minimal cleaning compared to bulk fill dispensers


      • Using FOAM soaps can reduce water consumption for hand washing by up to 45%


      • All Deb cartridges are recyclable, minimizing the amount of packaging waste to landfill
      • Ecolabel accredited Deb FOAM soaps are available


      • Free to Deb customers: a range of point of use and educational materials to help increase compliance throughout schools

      Free Resources

      For the Teacher

      We have created various resources to help promote hand hygiene in the classroom. These include a student presentation that highlights the basics of why it is so important to wash our hands along with lesson activities and hand washing guides.

      For the Children

      To encourage and educate children on how, why and when they should wash their hands, download our free resources which include posters, stickers and hand washing certificates.

      Washroom Solutions for Daycares and Elementary Schools

      Help reduce germ transfer and encourage hand washing in your school or daycare with Deb’s FOAM soaps and a selection of bright and attractive children’s dispensers to suit your washroom.