Behavioural Change

We can help you to improve skin care compliance by providing a comprehensive range of education, training and feedback tools to enable installation of a customized skin care program to meet the specific requirement of your organization or workplace.

Through the Deb audit mechanisms, hand hygiene compliance against agreed HACCP procedures can be measured. In addition, the impact on worker skin health can also be measured to reinforce correct skin care behaviour.

Maintain hand hygiene compliance through our ongoing training and support program:

  • Hand hygiene training for all shift leaders from a Deb expert
    • We train staff how to adopt 'The 3-Moments of Skin Care’ best practice standard
  • Employee information cards to drive compliance
  • Support materials to raise awareness and encourage usage
    • Posters
    • Dispenser Surrounds
    • Signs
  • Audits to review product usage levels and correct products in place
  • Resources to allow meaningful and actionable feedback to staff
  • Technical support from our scientific occupational skin care team
  • Ongoing refresher training to maintain or drive skin care compliance

The 3-Moments of Skin Care

This is a universal standard created by a coalition of the world’s most eminent occupational dermatologists. It is an evidence-based*, practical international standard for OSD prevention, driving the implementation of skin care best practice that can be adapted to any workplace.

*Multi-modal scientific study with analysis and review of 75 published occupational skin care studies; 2015


Application of skin protection cream to help protect the skin from exposure.

Following contamination or at the end of each period, hands should be washed with an appropriate hand cleanser and then followed with the application of protection or restore cream.

Application of restore cream to help recover skin strength and health.

Right Products in the Right Place

A key element to skin care compliance is ensuring that the appropriate products are available and accessible to workers where and when they are required. As such, the provision of skin care must take into account normal workflows and worker behavior.

The Deb Stoko® range incorporates options for communal dispensing of products, or personal issue packs to address specific needs and situations.

The Deb Stoko® range incorporates options for communal dispensing of products, or personal issue packs to address specific needs and situations.