Setting Higher Standards to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

The DebMed System Difference:

  • Consistent with WHO 5 Moments and CDC Guidelines, and Public Health Ontario's 4 Moments
  • Clinically proven to improve compliance and significantly reduce HAIs (MRSA and c.Diff)3,4
  • Generates significant cost savings 3
  • Proven accurate in clinical studies 2
  • Requires no badges, supporting efficient workflow
  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • Generates ROI in less than a year
  • Includes all system training
  • Includes education on best practices for improving hand hygiene performance

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Meet Deborah

Hi, I’m Deborah, and I am your partner in hand hygiene compliance and skin care. I am passionate about infection prevention and reducing HAIs through proper hand hygiene behavior.

My goals are to:

  • Train and educate your staff
  • Provide the highest level of patient care
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of behavior through proper hand hygiene techniques
  • Provide training techniques for more than just in and out

I am dedicated to collaborating with you on best practices so that together we can make hands matter in the workplace.

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Achieving Proven Clinical Outcomes Against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

The DebMed® Program integrates three key elements: Essential Products, Vital Information and Highest Standards of Behavior - to deliver tailored hand hygiene compliance and skin care programs to be installed in any healthcare environment. The program ensures the right products are available where and when needed, enables hand hygiene and skin care best practice, and will bring real sustainable health and financial benefits to hospitals, patients, and staff.

DebMed® is a unique, integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care program that is customized to each healthcare environment. The DebMed® Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance System is proven to increase hand hygiene compliance and reduce MRSA HAIs by up to 42%. In a breakthrough 3-year clinical study (2012 - 2015) at a large US academic medical center, the DebMed® System was demonstrated to: improve hand hygiene compliance by 25.5%, reduce Healthcare Associated Infections like MRSA by 42% and result in overall cost savings of $434,000.1

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