About Skin Care

Overall skin management in the workplace integrates a broad risk assessment based health and safety approach to protect workers and minimize exposure to hazardous conditions and contaminants. There are many instances in the workplace where direct skin exposure to potentially irritating and harmful contaminants and environmental conditions cannot be avoided.

Skin care  is concerned with addressing skin health where Safe Working Practices (SWP) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are not appropriate or possible. Indeed, even the use of PPE, while providing protection for the skin, can have a negative impact on skin health, such as creating excessive sweating.

Skin care integrates skin protection and restore creams with appropriate hand cleansers to create a complete program to help ensure healthy skin. Also, to complement skin care and provide a higher level of hand hygiene, it may also be appropriate to use hand sanitizers which can be used on physically clean hands to kill germs.

The 3 - Steps of Skin Care

Protection Creams

Specially formulated to provide a protective layer on the skin surface. To be applied before working and re-applied after washing hands.

 Using Protection Cream helps:

  • Reduce direct skin contact with specific types of contaminants
  • Make skin quicker and easier to clean with less scrubbing
  • Retain natural lipids and moisture in the skin while working
  • Improve comfort and skin strength when wearing PPE
  • Protect skin against exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays or cold working conditions

Hand Cleansers

Proper hand cleansing using the appropriate product helps prevent contaminants from becoming ingrained into the skin ensuring the skin looks visibly clean and healthy.

Always Wash Hands:

  • At the end of each work period
  • Before a break or at the end of the day
  • As soon as possible after becoming contaminated

Hand Sanitizer

Where a higher level of hand hygiene is required, hand washing should be complemented by the use of hand sanitizer. After washing, or where hands are physically clean, applying hand sanitizer will kill invisible germs on the skin to help prevent cross-contamination of potentially infectious pathogens to surfaces and people.

Hand sanitizers are designed to be applied directly to physically clean hands for 15-30 seconds to kill germs without the need for rinsing with water.

Restore Creams 

Specially formulated to improve skin strength and prevent it from becoming dry or damaged.

 To be applied at the end of the day or prior to extended breaks from working.

Using Restore Cream helps:

  • Keep the skin in healthy condition
  • Support the skin’s natural barrier
  • Make the skin feel smooth and supple
  • Prevent skin becoming dry, rough and cracked which will minimize the risk of work-related skin disease