Deb Safe Range


 Essential PRODUCTS

Deb provides the most comprehensive range of specialist industrial skin care products to address all occupational needs and working environments. Carefully formulated using specially selected skin safe ingredients, the range splits into four categories; protect, cleanse, sanitise and restore.

The products are designed to be exclusively used with Deb’s proprietary range of robust, low maintenance dispensers.

Deb offer free Site Surveys, providing you with a comprehensive, best practice recommendation ensuring that the right products are available to workers in the right place, in accordance with site facilities and workflows. 

  • Unique products for specialist applications
  • Patented Deb Foam TechnologyTM formulas
  • Environmental certified products
  • Proven skin safe & dermatological tested
  • ECARF certified products
  • Fully tested performance

STEP 1: Protect

A broad range of pre-work creams and sprays to help protect the skin against a wide variety of workplace contaminants & working conditions.

 STEP 2: Cleanse

An extensive range of hand cleansers and body washes using a 1-5 strength rating to enable the appropriate product to be used for any working environment.

 STEP 3: Sanitize

Specialist hand sanitizers that can be used without water to quickly and easily kill a broad spectrum of germs and leave hands hygienically clean.

 STEP 4: Restore

A broad range of after-work creams specially formulated to nourish and moisturise all skin types and skin conditions from normal through to very dry and stressed skin.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Deb Group Innovations include a number of 'world firsts'. Our successful track-record of innovation and expertise demonstrates our commitment to launching new technologies regularly; bringing new benefits to our customers. 

Dispenser Products

Range of hygienically sealed cartridge system dispensers available in a variety of sizes to meet specific workplace needs.

Benefits of Deb Dispensers:

  • Easy to use & replace cartridges
  • Dispense optimal dose every time
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Guaranteed for life
  • BioCote® protected to inhibit bacteria growth