Vital Information Services



Implementation of the two unique DebSafe™ Services allows vital information to be gathered on the condition of workers’ hands and skin care compliance specific to each department, site or organisation as a whole.

This enables meaningful communication with workers and allows managers to assess that DebSafe™ is creating a positive change in behaviour and improving skin health in the workplace.

DebSafe™ Skin Condition Evaluation Service

This service can make a significant contribution to raising awareness of skin health and promoting, in particular, the use of products to protect and care for the skin.

The DebSafe™ Skin Condition Evaluation uses five separate specialist dermatological devices and assessment methods to measure the skin condition of workers’ hands and evaluate the risk of developing future skin issues.  Based on one-to-one sessions with workers, the Evaluation is designed to enable employers to better understand the overall skin condition of their workforce and encourages workers to become more aware of their own skin condition. At the end of each Evaluation session the worker is provided with their own confidential score-sheet, which includes their DebSafe™ Skin Condition Risk Factor Score.

Once all the worker Evaluations are complete, the data is summarised into a comprehensive DebSafe™ Skin Condition Evaluation Report for the organisation, which includes an overall DebSafe™ Skin Condition Risk Factor Score.

Through repeat testing, the Evaluation enables employers to monitor changes in workers’ skin condition over time and help verify if improvements are being made and retained; plus identifies if further skin care interventions are required.

Compliance Information Service

This unique electronic system records product use and provides a measure of Skin Care Compliance in accordance with the '3 Moments of Skin Care' and the organisation's own specific compliance target. It allows managers and supervisors to easily and clearly share results with workers, encouraging the desired standard of skin care behaviour

  • Easy to setup
  • Independent network
  • No IT involvement
  • No capital investment
  • Secure Data Managment