Deb Canada celebrates Canada's 150th Anniversary and what it means to be a Canadian company

2017 marks an exciting year as Canadians celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. With many celebrations occurring and a royal tour planned for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Ontario and Nunavut, the excitement level is high. It's a great time to reflect on what it is to be a Canadian, a nation of millions of strong-willed immigrants that made a decision to make the country their home or to start a business.

Here at Deb Canada, we are also reflecting on our journey as a Canadian business starting with roots in the United Kingdom and then over 45 years as a successful growing Canadian manufacturing business of skin care products.

Here are some milestones of our humble beginnings as a Canadian business, to the present day:


Deb Silkware Protection Ltd is established by A.B. Williamson to sell ‘Deb’ the world’s first ever rinse-aid, a formulation he invented to help preserve the life of ladies' silk stockings. The name ‘Deb’ originates from the word ‘Debutante’, the traditional name given to girls making their first appearance in society.


Deb introduces the world’s first pump-based dispensers. Originally, these were metal bulkfill dispensers. Later designs utilized plastic molded components.


Deb Canada is established, Deb’s first wholly-owned company outside the UK.


Deb acquires SBS Inc, an American skin care company.


Deb invents the first hygienically sealed collapsible cartridge system capable of dispensing soaps, creams and granulated hand cleaners.


Deb launches the world’s first generic foaming soap system.


Deb invents the world’s first foaming alcohol hand sanitizer.


The Deb Group is created, bringing 21 companies together under one international banner, aspiring to be                                             the world’s leading away from home skin care system company.


Deb their 70th Anniversary with the launch of the GLOBAL RANGE.

DebMed introduces revolutionary new system to address patient safety in hospitals.


Deb acquires the STOKO professional skin care business from Evonik Industries.


Deb Group is acquired by SC Johnson, a privately held, family company and one of the world leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home

Throughout our journey, one thing has always remained the same, that we strive to educate businesses and individuals on the importance of skin care health in the workplace and to make hands matter.

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