Occupational Skin Disease, An Invisible Threat to Efficiency, Health & Well-being

Make Hands Matter - Occupational Skin Disease, An Invisible Threat to Efficiency, Health & Well-being

Occupational skin disease is a serious health issue that currently goes largely unreported in the workplace; an invisible threat that affects both an organization’s efficiency and the health
and well-being of its employees. 

At work, skin may be exposed to a multitude of harmful chemical, physical and mechanical hazards. It is vital to take effective measures to protect your workers’ skin when it is likely to come into contact with harmful substances such as cooling lubricants, grease, oil, acids and caustic solutions, detergents, cleaning agents, solvents and metallic dust. It is also important to protect hands in harsh environments or where UV radiation is present. By taking the right preventative steps to minimize contact with damaging agents and adopting an appropriate skin safety regimen, the risk of occupational dermatitis can be reduced. This e-book will discuss the importance of implementing an occupational skin care program that includes gloves and pre-work creams to prevent occupational skin disorders (OSDs).

The Key Barriers to Effective Skin Care:

  • Other priorities and lack of understanding or recognition of the importance of skin health
  • Insufficient training and education for workers
  • The lack of appropriate skin care products and facilities
  • The location and accessibility of the products
  • The format in which products are provided, which can discourage product use
  • Some ingredients which can have a negative impact on skin condition

Download the Pre and After Work Creams Best Practice Guide to learn more about addressing and reducing occupational skin disease through an integrated skin care product approach to protect, cleanse and restore the skin.