SC Johnson Professional Canada Wins 2020 Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine Reader’s Choice Award

heavy duty hand cleanser

By SC Johnson Professional Canada

Canada’s leading safety publication, Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine, awarded SC Johnson Professional its 2020 Reader’s Choice Award in the Best Skin Care Products category for Solopol® GFX™. Canadian Occupational Safety surveys readers from across Canada and asks them to vote for their preferred industry suppliers and organizations. Readers casted nearly 20,000 votes in a variety of product categories.

As the world’s only heavy-duty foam hand cleanser with grit, Solopol GFX contains natural, non-abrasive scrubbing agents such as biodegradable cornmeal and olive pit scrubbers that don’t damage skin. Its unique, patented foaming technology allows the liquid to grow into five times its original volume, which means less product is used per handwash.

Additional benefits of Solopol GFX include:

  • High Efficiency Use: The patented, unique foam format delivers optimum amount of product required for an effective hand wash. It provides up to 43% more hand washes per liter compared to traditional hand cleansers.
  • Economic Advantage: The instant foam spreads rapidly and easily to emulsify dirt and grime for a thorough cleansing. Customers get nearly twice as many washes per liter compared to common 2L formats.
  • Better Cleaning Power: It out cleans traditional heavy-duty cleansers but uses half as much product.
  • Better Post-Use Feeling: Caring formula clinically proven to be non-irritant and kind to the skin. Non-aggressive formula leaves hands clean, fresh and feeling smooth and conditioned.


In Ontario alone, 1,000 compensation claims are reported for contact dermatitis each year according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety[1]. SC Johnson Professional heavy-duty hand cleansers are designed to improve skin care standards as part of a comprehensive hand hygiene program.  A comprehensive hand hygiene program, together with other preventative measures, including education, protective clothing and other measures that avoid exposure to skin irritant substances, help reduce the risk of work-related occupational irritant contact dermatitis.


SC Johnson Professional and this year’s Reader’s Choice winners are recognized in the Sept/Oct 2020 edition of Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine. Learn more about SC Johnson Professional here