About Deb Stoko Products

The most comprehensive occupational skin care product range consists of unrivaled quality products and internationally known leading brands. The incomparable breadth of the Deb Stoko® Range addresses the skin care requirements and preferences of all end users to provide for effective skin health in the workplace. 

The Deb Stoko® Range Philosophy

  • Products that work and do the job that is expected of them
  • Products that people like to use
  • Products that are safe for the user and supported by safety test data and manufactured to international standards of quality
  • Products that are simple to understand and easy to use
  • Products that can be located where they are needed to encourage compliance with the best practice standard for skin care
  • Products that respect the environment and are supported by international standards for environmental safety where possible
  • Products that are cost effective with efficient formulas & controlled dosing to provide the right amount of product for the job

To address the threat of occupational skin disease and the spread of infection, the Deb Stoko® Range is organized into 4-step categories to create an integrated skin care and hand hygiene approach.

4-Step Categories

Step 1: Protect

Pre-work skin protection creams to help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. They also make the skin easier to clean.

  • Universal Creams - for protection against multiple contaminant types e.g. oil & water-based substances
  • Specialist Creams - for protection against specific hazards e.g. water-based solutions, adherent substances, oil-based contaminants, UV rays, cold environments

Step 2: Cleanse

Products designed to provide the appropriate level of performance to address specific cleansing needs and keep skin in a healthy condition. 

  • Washroom Cleansers - foaming soaps and shower gel/lotions
  • Antibacterial Cleansers - soaps for providing a higher level of hygiene
  • Light Cleansers - for removing general industrial soils from hands and body
  • Medium & Heavy Cleansers - for removing heavy and ingrained industrial soils
  • Super Heavy Cleansers - for removing very heavy and ingrained industrials soils
  • Ultra Cleansers - for removing specialist types of soils

Step 3: Sanitize

For use in healthcare, food handling and any other work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required.

  • Alcohol Hand Sanitizer- alcohol based foam hand sanitizer for use without water

Step 4: Restore

Products for use after-work to help maintain the skin in healthy condition, keeping it strong, supple and avoiding dryness.

  • Light Restore - for use on normal skin types/condition
  • Medium Restore - for use on dry & stressed skin types/condition
  • Heavy Restore - for use on very dry & stressed skin types/condition



Environmentally Preferable


  • All Deb cartridges are recyclable, minimizing the amount of packaging waste to landfill
  • Ecologo accredited Deb Stoko® products are available