Skin care experts, Deb Group, announce the launch of their Global Product Range across Europe

On 11th April 2011 Deb’s new Global Product Range was simultaneously launched across 15 countries in Europe with plans to launch into many more European countries over the next 12 months. The launch follows on from the range being launched in North America and Australasia during the second half of 2010.

Bryan Anderson, Deb Group CEODeb Group CEO, Bryan Anderson, commented “this is one of the most significant events in our company history, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.” Anderson continued, “This is the culmination of 5 years of the international development of the Deb Group to leverage the global foot-print of the business. The Global Product Range represents a platform for our innovations and to showcase our world-class skin care products and support services on a global scale”.

The Global Product Range incorporates 24 skin care products to protect, cleanse, sanitise and restore. All products are available for use through Deb’s patented range of proprietary dispensing systems, with various sizes and designs to match customer needs in any away from home environment. The range is built on Deb’s 5 core principles of ‘getting people to do the right thing’ with regards to skin care and hand hygiene: providing products that are effective, that people like to use, are easy to use, are conveniently located and are universally understood by all users.

On 31st March 2011, 8 products and 16 separate SKUs from the range were awarded with the European Union Ecolabel Certificate demonstrating their credentials as being kinder to the environment, whilst retaining their primary purpose of being effective and pleasant to use. Deb Group R&D Director, Dr John Hines, commented that “the Ecolabel Certificates are the result of an 18 month intensive product development programme, working closely with the Ecolabel authorities.” Included in Deb’s Ecolabel certified range are 4 foaming soap formulations which, Dr Hines explained, “independent studies show can reduce the level water consumed during hand washing by up to 46%.”

Skin Safety CenterThe Global Product Range is available through Deb’s extensive European network of thousands of distributors servicing all away from home markets, from industry to healthcare and commercial to food. Anderson concluded, “Our Global Product Range brings global standards of skin care and hand hygiene excellence to any organisation, whether a small local company just wanting great products their employees will like to use, through to large multi-national companies who are seeking to implement common standards of excellence across all the geographies of their operation.”