Implementing Skin Care Best Practice

Implementing Skin Care Best Practice

Skin health experts agree that three elements are required to reduce the risk to skin health in the workplace.

Adopt a Skin Care Programme

The availability of pre-work and after-work protection creams along with skin cleansers

Follow a Universal Skin Care Standard

A simple guideline for any workplace that defines when workers should apply pre-work and after-work protection creams

Create a Change in Skin Care Behaviour

Application of simple education and learning tools, combined with monitoring and feedback mechanisms to make skin health a priority at work

The 3-Moments of Skin Care - A Universal Standard for Skin Care Behaviour

A simple, easy to apply guideline developed by an international panel of leading skin health experts that defines the three moments that workers should apply pre-work and after-work skin protection creams:


Application of skin protection cream to help protect the skin from exposure.


Following contamination, or at the end of each work period, hands should be washed with an appropriate hand cleanser and then followed with the application of protection or restore cream.

Moment 3: AFTER WORK

Application of restore cream to help recover skin strength and health.

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