Workplace Challenges for Glove Wearers

Approximately half of all workers in industry wear occupational gloves on a regular basis and face ongoing challenges related to health and comfort, which can affect overall productivity and efficiency.

Whilst gloves provide physical protection for hands, the skin can still be exposed to allergic and irritating substances from the working environment that can cause skin sensitisation and irritation. This occurs due to:

  • Gloves not being worn the whole work time due to reasons of dexterity or comfort.
  • Wearing of the wrong gloves which can increase the risk of skin exposure.

Some glove materials reacting with the skin.

The prolonged wearing of gloves can lead to excessive hand sweating, creating discomfort for the wearer and causing skin softening, which can lead to potential skin health problems. In addition, sweating causes dampness in gloves allowing for bacterial growth that results in malodours forming that are unpleasant for the wearer.

Extensive research reveals that over 80% of glove wearers consider perspiration, comfort and odour to be important issues; and 97% consider perspiration to be the most important comfort issue4.

Extensive research1 with glove wearers reveal that over…

80% Consider perspiration, comfort and odour to be important issues 79% Report they have issues with damaged skin or cracked hands
97% Consider perspiration to be the most important comfort issue 83% Report that bacteria growth leading to foul smells is an issue for repeat use gloves


1 Ansell and Deb commissioned research 2012-2014 4 International studies commissioned by Ansell and Deb, 2013-2014