Dispensing Systems

The design of the skin care delivery system can have a major impact upon the environment. Uniquely, Deb develops its own systems alongside its products, and environmental considerations play a major role here as well. As market leaders, we expect our products to be the best by all measures, including environmental ones.

The evidence:

  • Our dispensers are sold with a lifetime guarantee, for the simple reason that they are built to last. Good environmental practices go hand-in-hand with sound commercial practice; our dispensers are robust and therefore do not need replacing every few years. This durability means reduced raw material consumption and less landfill waste.
  • In order to ensure good hygiene, it is necessary to supply products inside disposable cartridges. However, by designing cartridges which are fully recyclable, we have minimised the amount of packaging which needs to go to landfill.
  • Deb’s main product ranges use caps and pumps which are attached to the cartridge by an ultrasonic welding process. This is both a low energy and a hygienic process.
  • We strive to continuously improve all aspects of packaging. Typical activities include projects to reduce the weight of plastic containers, thus reducing raw material consumption, waste and energy usage; and using the latest corrugated packaging technology to help ensure our cartons have maximum strength from minimum cardboard.
  • Product quality excellence supports reduced environmental impact by minimising waste. We measure our product failures in parts per million, and take pride in the tiny level of problems encountered, but we still work continuously to improve our results even further. Low product failures means that environmental advantages and commercial advantages are fully aligned.