External Collaboration and Communication

Deb publicly shares its commitment to embracing best practice. In environmental matters, this extends beyond the confines of our own companies and employees, and into the wider world.

The evidence:

  • We take our responsibilities to our local communities very seriously. We know that these responsibilities include being a good neighbour, and therefore minimising noise, eliminating night time light pollution, avoiding unnecessary traffic on local roads, and keeping our patch free of litter. We adopt an open approach with local government and environmental agencies.
  • Deb numbers many of the world’s greatest organisations amongst its customers. We welcome visits and audits by our customers, and we treat every one as an opportunity to learn and improve. We hope that our customers occasionally borrow our ideas as well.
  • We work hard to communicate the environmental performance of our products to our customers. This is done directly by our large sales force; using well developed training days in our offices; and through our literature and websites. We also have technically qualified employees around the world, who are available to answer our customers’ questions directly, whether it be a specific product query, a request for an explanation about a new piece of legislation, or help to identify the best solution to a problem within their business.
  • Environmental management is a key component of our supplier assessment programme. Currently 14% of our new supplier evaluation process is devoted to environmental issues. We work in partnership with our suppliers to collaboratively improve environmental performance, for example, by streamlining processes and sharing innovation.
  • Via this website, we aim to state our commitment to environmental management and improvement in clear and measurable terms. We have a genuine desire to develop the Deb business with good environmental practice at the forefront of our decision making processes. We wish to be judged by what we really do. Now, and into the future.

We publicly share our commitment to embracing best practice techniques. In environmental matters, this extends beyond the confines of our own companies and employees to our local communities.