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Setting higher standards to prevent healthcare acquired infections

Care homes unite large numbers of people in one place with many of them being highly susceptible to catching infections. In care home settings, residents, staff and visitors are in shared living environments and therefore also share bacteria which can lead to infection outbreaks (Utsumi et al, 2010). The elderly are more susceptible to illness and in some cases, infections can be life-threatening. It should be in the interest of everyone involved in care to keep the risk of a spread of infections to an absolute minimum. Care home staff need to ensure that a high standard of infection prevention and control is always carried out. It is important for staff to understand how to avoid outbreaks and how to detect and manage them.

(Utsumi M et al (2010) Types of infectious outbreaks and their impact in elderly care facilities: a review of the literature. Age and Ageing; 39: 3, 299-305.)