Healthcare Training Support

Staff training is a vital part of facilitating greater hand hygiene compliance.

The Deb Staff Training Programme consists of:

  1. The Cutan Hand Hygiene Training Booklet
    This booklet is designed for use by those staff responsible for hand hygiene and infection control. The booklet details how hand hygiene 'best practice' can be achieved and explains training techniques and aids that can be used with staff.
  2. The Cutan Product Application Technique Training Film
    This short film is available as a CD/DVD. It shows the correct technique for washing hands and applying skin sanitisers and conditioning cream. It is designed for use with all staff.

Ongoing Support

Once the Deb Cutan Hand Hygiene Programme has been installed there are a variety of ways in which we can continue to help ensure that hand hygiene 'best practice' is maintained.

Sales Support

Our team of trained and knowledgeable Deb Sales Consultants work with local Infection Control Teams and visit & support hospitals to answer any questions or queries.

Where a visit is not necessary, telephone support is offered via our dedicated Help-Line manned during office hours. Our experienced staff will be able to find the answer to almost any question you may have relating to hand hygiene.

The team can conduct formal training sessions for new members of staff, or even refresher training for existing staff. In addition, Deb Sales Consultants attend many local and regional study days, giving staff the opportunity to have any queries or concerns answered.