Pandemic Explained in Brief

Throughout the world people become ill (sometimes fatally) as result of contracting infection or disease from the community in which they live, work and/or travel. The number of cases can range in terms of the penetration within a population and geographic spread, as follows:

Category Description
Sporadic Occasional, isolated incidences only
Endemic Where the infection or disease is prevalent within a set population, or area, and the level of incidences are to be expected and predictable
Outbreak Where there is a sudden, unexpected, localised breaking out or occurrence of infection or disease
Epidemic An outbreak that affects many individuals within a population or region at the same time and exceeds expected rates
Pandemic An epidemic that spreads worldwide

Therefore, a ‘pandemic’ is the highest category to denote the spread of infection or disease. It identifies that the infection or disease had reached a global scale and is affecting many individuals.