Skin Care Best Practice

Skin care best practice integrates skin protection and restoring with cleansing to create the best practice approach to help ensure healthy skin.

Protect Creams

Specially formulated to provide a protective layer on the skin surface. To be applied before working and re-applied after washing hands.

 Using Protection Cream helps:

  • Reduce direct skin contact with specific types of contaminants
  • Make skin quicker and easier to clean with less scrubbing
  • Retain natural lipids and moisture in the skin whilst working
  • Improve comfort and skin strength when wearing PPE
  • Protect skin against exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays or cold working conditions

Appropriate Hand Cleansers

Proper hand cleansing using the appropriate product helps prevent contaminants from becoming ingrained into the skin ensuring the skin looks visibly clean and healthy.

Always wash hands:

  • At the end of each work period
  • Before a break or at the end of the day
  • As soon as possible after becoming contaminated

Restore Creams 

Specially formulated to improve skin strength and prevent it from becoming dry or damaged.

To be applied at the end of the day or prior to extended breaks from working.

Using Restore Cream helps:

  • Keep the skin in healthy condition
  • Support the skin’s natural barrier
  • Make the skin feel smooth and supple
  • Prevent skin becoming dry, rough and cracked which will minimise the risk of work-related skin disorders