Highest Standards of Behaviour

We can help you to improve your staff skin care behaviour by providing a comprehensive range of education and training tools to enable installation of a tailored skin care programme to meet the specific requirement of your organisation or workplace.

  • We educate staff to understand the importance of their skin health and how using a skin care programme can make a difference
  • We train staff how to adopt 'The 3-Moments of Skin Care’ best practice standard
  • We provide ongoing resources to allow meaningful and actionable feedback to staff


Our Training & Education Tools include:

  • Posters and Signs
  • Videos and Presentations
  • Information Leaflets and Hand-Outs
  • Skin Care Plans and Checklists
  • Product Selector and Information Sheets

The Deb Hospitality & Leisure programme implementation process

  • Set up a Leadership Team
  • Conduct a Site Survey to establish skin care needs
  • Install Deb Stoko products and dispensers
  • Conduct Staff Training using the available tools
  • Establish the appropriate Feedback Process to engage staff
  • Easily available & accessible Products to all staff

A key element to skin care compliance is ensuring that the appropriate products are available and accessible to workers where and when they are required. As such, the provision of skin care must take into account normal workflows and worker behaviour. The Deb Stoko®  Range incorporates options for communal dispensing of products, or personal issue packs to address specific needs and situations.

Whilst appropriate hand cleansers will need to be located at sinks specified for hand washing use, the location and availability of protect and restore creams will vary.

It is highly recommended that workers are involved in deciding WHAT type of pack format is required and WHERE products should be located to optimise compliance.

Our team of experts conduct pre-installation surveys to establish skin care needs and the appropriate Deb Stoko® products and dispensing systems are selected and installed where appropriate. 

This is followed by a post-installation audit to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the programme installed. Our team of experts are also able to conduct annual audits to provide a maintenance check of the installed Deb Stoko® dispensers, review the products in use and introduce any new products and education that can provide additional benefits for the customer.