The Deb Hospitality & Leisure programme

The Deb Hospitality & Leisure programme offers tailored skin care and hand hygiene for both front of house visitors and back of house employees.  The Deb front of house system is designed to make your customers active in hand hygiene whilst our back of house system is designed to improve hand hygiene compliance with an effective 3-step skin care system for employees.

The programme can be tailored for any hospitality and leisure environment to provide the following benefits:

  • Makes skin health and hand hygiene a priority for both customers and employees
  • Enhances the customer washroom experience and promotes your brand identity
  • Ensures the right products are available when and where needed
  • Improves employee hand hygiene compliance to prevent the spread of germs
  • Motivates employees to comply with skin care best practice
  • Enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials
  • Low cost-in-use products
  • Reduces staff absence through skin health issues or illness


The Deb Hospitality & Leisure programme integrates three unique elements:

  • Deb Stoko Range Products - A complete range of skin care products to address all customer and staff needs and working environments
  • Survey & Assessments -  Establish the current site facilities and workflows and understand worker and customer skin care & hand hygiene needs
  • Changing Behaviour - A comprehensive range of education & training tools combined with a structured process for changing behaviour to increase skin care compliance and improve skin health