Front of House

Protect your customer, promote your brand.

First impressions are everything. Your washroom reflects your business…

More than 67% of consumers believe bad washrooms equal bad management.
Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 2013

80% of germs are spread through person to person contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, so it is imperative for washroom facilities to provide hygienic hand washing solutions.
World Health Organisation

25% of bulk-fill liquid soap dispensers were found with high levels of bacterial contamination.
Gerba, C.P. et al, Bacterial Contamination of Liquid Hand Soaps, 2006, University of Arizona

For any hospitality & leisure environment, there is a daily challenge to maintain facilities to a standard that does not affect business reputation. Therefore, facilities must provide appropriate hand washing facilities in the correct locations in order to:

  • Prevent the spread of germs
  • Improve general customer satisfaction and
  • Reduce costs

Failure to provide and maintain adequate washroom facilities can lead to risks for any organisation:

  • Bad publicity
  • Negative impact on business
  • Loss of revenue

Deb can help ensure your washroom meets your customer expectations by providing high quality hand washing solutions and brand promotion through customisable dispensers.