Deb Supports "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” Campaign

For this annual event the WHO are enlisting support from leading global suppliers of infection prevention solutions to participate in spreading the hand hygiene message.   Deb Group, creators of the DebMed® Group Monitoring System™ and a range of hand hygiene and sanitising products, are among the supporters for this global campaign.

“This one-day event calls to attention something that is imperative 365 days a year for healthcare staff – effective hand hygiene behaviour according to the 'WHO Five Moments of Hand Hygiene' recommendations” said Phil Spark, Deb UK’s Marketing Director.   “The campaign aims to empower healthcare staff, patients and ultimately all hospital visitors with the knowledge that can help prevent healthcare-associated infections”. continued Spark.

To help with this process, individual hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world are encouraged by the WHO to register for the “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” campaign and get access to a wide range of resources, including monitoring and feedback tools, self-assessment framework, action plan template and hand hygiene training films. The “WHO Resources” can be accessed via the Deb website along with the ‘Clean Your Hands May 5 Pledge’ which reinforces the ‘Five Moments’ to healthcare staff and provides three important reminders to help maintain hand hygiene compliance.

Currently, across the world less than one percent of hospitals abide by the WHO’s ‘Five Moments’ recommendation, yet at any time more than 1.4 million patients are suffering from HAIs. Proper hand hygiene is the number one way to prevent HAIs, however, the WHO report that after completing a systematic review of 77 peer-reviewed hand hygiene articles published between 1981 and 2008, the baseline hand hygiene compliance rate was only 38.7 percent.

Evaluation and repeated monitoring of practices, knowledge and perceptions are vital components of any successful hand hygiene programme. Through the campaign, the WHO is actively encouraging hospitals to implement robust, sustainable practices and also to learn more about new innovative electronic systems for the automatic monitoring of hand hygiene compliance. According to the WHO, "These new technologies present numerous advantages and may become the future approach to hand hygiene compliance monitoring when available resources permit, and provided that they can reflect the Five Moments for Hand Hygiene."

The DebMed® GMS™ electronically monitors healthcare workers’ hand hygiene events and provides feedback on compliance rates in real-time. Phil Spark concludes: “It provides an accurate, cost-effective solution for fighting HAIs and is the only electronic hand hygiene monitoring system that meets the WHO ‘5 Moments’ recommendation”.