After nearly 70 years of producing its iconic green gel, Swarfega has become synonymous with hand cleaning. However, Swarfega offers so much more to busy motor mechanics, with over 40 products that cover hand cleansers, vehicle cleaning, degreasing and maintenance, as well as surface cleaners.


Since 1947, Swarfega has continued to develop a range of products that have built on the original brand principles of best in class performance laid down by the inventor and founder of the Swarfega company AB Williamson. Swarfega’s high performing hand cleaning products continue to remain firm favourites with mechanics.


While Swarfega made its name as a market leading hand cleanser, the brand’s range of degreasing and maintenance products provide the same level of performance. SwarfegaDuck Oil is a silicone free, non-conductive multi-purpose service spray. It’s exceptionally low surface tension means it can easily penetrate, lubricate and protect with no need to dismantle components.


While providing an excellent preventive step, Duck Oil also offers an outstanding problem solver as well. Duck Oil’s low surface tension means that the product can penetrate into stubborn or seized nuts, bolts or components to reduce the time required to prepare or repair machinery for use. Duck Oil offers an effective method to displace water from components to help prevent corrosion, acting as an electrical insulator, as well as making this product an ideal damp starter assistance.


Another member of Swarfega’s degreasing and maintenance range is Jizer, a highly effective engine, parts and machinery degreaser. Working quickly to dissolve heavy deposits of oil, grease, tar and waxes, the water-rinsable product makes it an effective method for cleaning dirty parts and components. Containing specialist emulsifiers the product is able to easily remove soiling’s with water leaving surfaces clean and non-greasy. Jizer also features an added rust inhibitor to help reduce corrosion during the degreasing process.


The multi-use degreaser can also be used as an effective product for removing oil and grease marks from floor surfaces, tar spots from body work and cleaning brushes. As a product it is compatible with all metal and metal components and will not stain or damage most plastics, synthetic rubber or paints.


Swarfega Stop Quick is a highly effective, quick drying brake and clutch cleaner and forms the final member of the brand’s maintenance range. Developed to rapidly disperse across surfaces to dampen and absorb brake dust and particles, the product starts working instantly to loosen dirt and grime. Featuring a low surface tension the product quickly spreads across a component for fast economical cleaning.


A truly versatile product, Stop Quick can be used on all external brake parts, clutches, carburettors, callipers, contacts, starter motors, springs and pistons. Extensively tested, any overspray will not damage paintwork, will not corrode metal components and in normal use will not damage most plastics and rubber components.


For those mechanics on the go with no access to clean water, Swarfega heavy-duty Red Box, hand cleaning wipes, offer an extremely effective alternative method for keeping your hands clean with no need for water. Stored in an easy to use tub which can be stored in the back of a vehicle, the hand wipes remove oil, grease and grime quickly and effectively leaving a pleasant after-feel.


The tough extra-large wipes contain moisturiser to leave the skin feeling conditioned and lightly scented after use. The sealed container provides hygienic dispensing method that protects from contamination and ensures that each wipe is fresh when used.


Swarfega hand wipes are also available in a black box variant that is designed to remove synthetic, 2 pack and cellulose paint, base coats and lacquers, body fillers, adhesives and sealants, plus most other refinishing soiling’s. A much kinder alternative to thinners or hand cleaners that contain harsh substances or abrasives like pumice, the paint shop hand cleaning wipes are impregnated with an advanced hi-tech formulation to quickly and safely remove paint from skin.



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