The NEW Skin Care Best Practice Whitepaper

Deb is pleased to announce the release of the new 'Preventing occupational skin disorders: Skin care best practice' whitepaper, as part of the DebSafe™ programme.

Featuring contributions from leading industry experts, and workers who have been affected by occupational skin disorders (OSDs), the whitepaper puts OSDs in the spotlight, highlighting the prevailing issues facing workers and industry.

OSDs, particularly work-related hand eczema, are a serious health issue that currently go largely unreported in the workplace. The whitepaper is an insightful resource for health and safety professionals, showcasing the seriousness of the issue and offering guidance on how employers can take control through a preventative skin care programme, incorporating a new best practice standard.

The whitepaper introduces the '3-Moments of Skin Care', a new universal best practice standard for skin care and breakthrough in the fight against OSDs.