Caring for hands in the community

SC Johnson Professional, the makers of the Cutan Hand Hygiene range, are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of occupational skin care products, with many years experience in the healthcare market.

The Cutan hand hygiene product range encourages ‘best practice’ to achieve safe and acceptable levels of staff and patient care, through the use of a 3-step Hand Hygiene Procedure

Step 1 – Hand Washing
Step 2 – Hand Sanitising
Step 3 – Skin Conditioning

For healthcare practitioners working in the community, SC Johnson Professional have created a portable hand hygiene solution based on the 3-step Hand Hygiene principle; The SC Johnson Professional Hand Hygiene Kit.

Portable, lightweight and convenient, the machine washable bag contains 150ml Cutan Gentle Wash, 400 ml Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser and 150ml Cutan Moisurising Cream and is large enough to accommodate gloves and paper towels.

For further information and advice on the Cutan range, please email [email protected] or contact SC Johnson Professional Technical Services Hotline 01773 880367.