SC Johnson Professional™ highlights importance of skin health as part of Glove Awareness Week

SC Johnson Professional™ – the leading manufacturer of cleaning and skincare products – is raising awareness of the importance of skin health as part of their collaboration with The Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) Glove Awareness Week, which starts on Monday 29th April.

Leading into World Hand Hygiene Day on Sunday 5th May, The RCN’s Glove Awareness Week highlights the importance of skin health and appropriate glove use to all nurses, midwives, health practitioner members, students, and healthcare organisations worldwide.

Throughout the campaign, SC Johnson Professional™ will be collaborating with The RCN to help promote correct glove use and hand hygiene compliance within the healthcare industry, and raise awareness of preventing, recognising and managing work-related dermatitis.

Throughout the healthcare sector, glove use has become a key aspect of ward culture and is considered to be an important control measure for protecting both patients and staff. Yet inappropriate glove use can often lead to hand dermatitis – a painful condition that affects one in five nurses, and may require nursing staff to be moved out of clinical areas due to the risk of infection from damaged skin.

Inappropriate glove use, whether it’s over or under use, can place staff and patients at risk of contact dermatitis, infection, and missed opportunities for hand hygiene.

While gloves help to create a barrier between germs or bodily fluids and hands, the prolonged use of gloves can lead to a lack of hand hygiene compliance, resulting in the spread of infection between patients and staff, and the passing of germs from one patient to the next.

In addition, if workers develop dermatitis, they are less likely to clean their hands due to the pain, thus resulting in the spread of infection further.

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at SC Johnson Professional™, says: “ Continued pressure on the NHS and healthcare staff to meet challenging performance targets, rising populations, higher bed occupancy levels and the need to treat and discharge patients quickly, all collide to create a high-pressured environment where the risk of healthcare-associated infections is an ever-present, but still avoidable, threat.

“Given the risks to patient health and mortality, and the consequential financial and reputational costs to hospital and healthcare bodies because of infections, the need to address hand hygiene compliance is evident.”

As part of Glove Awareness Week, The Royal College of Nursing will be hosting a one-day event on Thursday 2nd May to challenge, celebrate and debate the use of gloves as part of the delivery of health and care in all settings.

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