The Power of Silver

BioCote® antimicrobial protection technology is incorporated at the time of manufacture into the plastic buttons of all Deb manually operated, wall-mounted skin care dispensers. The button is the primary contact point for people using these dispensers and BioCote® technology provides life-long antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and moulds that could potentially cause illness.

BioCote® is a silver-ion based technology that is effective, long-lasting and safe.

Effective – Reduces bacteria, mould and fungi on the surface of BioCote® treated Deb dispenser buttons within as little as 2 hours and achieves up to 99.99% reduction over a 24-hour period*.

Long-Lasting – BioCote® maintains its antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the dispenser button and will not wear off, wash off or leach out.

Safe – Silver is regarded as non-toxic and is a safe and natural alternative to synthetic, organic antimicrobial agents.

* Efficacy is independently validated by ISO methods

Scientific studies prove that BioCote® treated Deb dispenser materials reduce high levels of bacteria in comparison to untreated materials.

How does BioCote® Silver Technology Work?

  1. A BioCote protected surface with microbes A BioCote protected surface after the silver ions have actedMicrobes contaminate the BioCote® protected dispenser button
  2. Silver-ions incorporated into the plastic material are permanently available to act against the microbes.
  3. Silver ions then act against the microbes in three ways:
    1. They combine with microbial proteins in the cell and cell wall
    2. They interfere with DNA replication
    3. They promote formation of reactive oxygen species
  4. Microbes are deactivated, the button is protected and continues to reduce microbial levels by up to 99.99%

Deb skin care dispenser buttons protected with BioCote® antimicrobial technology can be expected to harbour significantly lower levels of microbial contamination and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. BioCote® protected dispenser buttons continuously fight against microbial contamination for the lifetime of the Deb dispenser.

    For more information download our BioCote® leaflet »

    Deb BioCote®

    Diagram showing the process by which Silver ions attack microbes