Deb InstantFOAM® Complete Features, Advantages & Benefits

Feature Benefit

Complete broad spectrum activity 

Highly effective formula is fully tested and proven to be bactericidal, virucidal, yeasticidal and mycobactericidal.
Kills 99.999% of many common germs.

Instant foam action - dispensed as a foam

Rapidly and easily rubs across hands, providing the user with complete control of the product, preventing the dripping and splashing associated with using liquid alcohol sanitisers.
Does not contain gelling agents Unlike alcohol gel sanitisers, the product does not contain gelling agents that leave the hands feeling sticky, particularly after multiple use.
Pleasant-to-use The rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance.
Contains moisturisers​ Helps prevent skin dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed after use.
Hypoallergenic Scientifically formulated using ingredients with low allergic potential and independently assessed to be declared as "hypoallergenic".
Non-taining and HACCP assessed formula When used as directed in food production and preparation areas, the product does not influence the quality of foodstuffs or present any risk to the health of its consumers.
No mess Does not clog pumps or splash and drip on surrounding floor and wall surfaces as associated with liquid and gel sanitisers.
No water required Quickly dries on hands without the need for rinsing with water. Ideal for use outside the washroom at the point of need.
Convenient​  Available in a range of sizes for use in different healthcare, workplace and public environments.
Glove compatible​ Can be applied to hands prior to wearing latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves. 
Perfume-free and dye-free Helps reduce the potential for allergic reaction and skin irritation. Ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrances. 


Deb InstantFOAM® Complete Scientific Test Data

Full details on scientific tests for Deb InstantFOAM® Complete are available on request. Email [email protected]

Muslim Faith Statement

Download the Muslim Faith statement on the use of alcohol based hand sanitisers.