Deb® InstantGEL Complete

Hand Sanitisation Combined with Skin Protection

Deb® InstantGEL Complete is an alcohol-based, silicone-free gel hand sanitiser that is proven to be fully virucidal, bactericidal and yeasticidal.

The formula contains purified Hamamelis astringent extract, helping to prevent the skin from softening when sweating during glove use and providing skin protection in addition to its sanitising properties.


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Biocidal Efficacy

The highly effective formula has been fully tested and proven to provide broad spectrum biocidal activity.

The product has been very carefully formulated to enable its highly effective biocidal action to be achieved by optimising the level of alcohol with water, gelling agents and skin caring ingredients, without the need for any additional biocidal ingredients.

  • Virucidal:
    Proven full virucidal activity in accordance with EN14476 (Poliovirus/Adenovirus/Murine Norovirus), therefore effective against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, e.g:   H1N1, H5N1, H3N2, HAV, HSV-1, HIV-1, HRV,s, Rota & Filoviridae viruses


  • Bactericidal: in accordance with EN1500, EN12791, EN1276 and EN13727.
    Tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This means it is effective against all bacteria (vegetative) including the following food spoilage organisms: Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella.


  • Yeasticidal: in accordance with EN1650 and EN13624.
    Tested against Candida albicans.


  • Mycobactericidal: in accordance with EN14348.
    Tested against Mycobacterium terrae Mycobacterium avium.

Safety Promise

Deb® InstantGEL Complete has been carefully formulated with safety in mind and can be used at the immediate point of need to provide instant hand hygiene. When used as directed the product dries in 20-30 seconds to provide a high level of hand hygiene.

Skin Hypoallergenic: Formulated and assessed to have low allergic potential for the skin.

Non-Irritating to Skin: Validated by a dermatologist to show the product has good skin compatibility and is non-irritating.

Does not create antimicrobial resistance: The highly effective non-specific, multi-target biocidal action of the product ensures there is no risk of antimicrobial resistance.

Food Safe: Formula tested and proven to not have the potential to taint food, ensuring suitability for use by workers in food manufacturing & processing environments.

Compatible with gloves: Independently tested to prove the product can be applied to hands prior to wearing latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves without effecting material integrity.


Hands are the main vehicle for transmitting germs from one person to another, either directly or by touching shared objects and surfaces. Helping employees to improve their hand hygiene reduces the risk of cross contamination. Guidance from the World Health Organisation:

  • Clean hands protect against infection
  • Protect yourself
  • Clean your hands regularly
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use alcohol-based handrub if you don't have immediate access to soap and water

(World Health Organization 2nd May 2009)

Where to use

Deb® InstantGEL Complete is ideal for use in all food handling environments where hand hygiene is critical to reduce the risk of cross infection. It is also suitable for use in cafeterias, offices, reception and lobby areas, rest rooms and any public facility with germ transfer hotspots and where a higher level of hand hygiene is desired to help prevent the spread of germs:

When to use

Food handling environments - use hand disinfectant as recommended by HACCP risk assessment.

Healthcare environments - use hand disinfectant as per the World Health Organisations "5 Moments of Hand Hygiene" recommendations.

General hygienic use - use hand disinfectant after coughing, sneezing, contact with body fluids or touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

How to use

For hygienic hand disinfection (according to the EN1500 standard) - apply 3ml and spread across all parts of hands for 30 seconds (60 seconds for viruses); re-apply as necessary to keep hands wet.

For surgical hand disinfection (according to EN12791 standard) - apply 3ml and rub in to hands using standard hand rub procedure; re-apply as necessary to keep hands wet for 3 minutes.

For general hand hygiene - ensure hands are clean and dry; apply enough product to wet the whole of the hands and rub together for 20-30 seconds until dry.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit

Complete broad spectrum activity 

Highly effective formula is fully tested and proven to be bactericidal, virucidal, yeasticidal and mycobactericidal.
Kills 99.999% of many common germs.

Instant gel action

Rapidly and easily rubs across hands, providing the user with complete control of the product, preventing the dripping and splashing associated with using liquid alcohol sanitisers.


The smooth gel is extremely pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance due to the moisturising agents Glycerin and Panthenol.

Clinically proven skin friendly formula


Independently tested and proven excellent skin compatability.

Skin Hypoallergenic

Formulated to have low allergic potential to the skin and assessed by an independent toxicologist to be declared as "Skin Hypoallergenic".

Non-taining and HACCP assessed formula When used as directed in food production and preparation areas, the product does not influence the quality of foodstuffs or present any risk to the health of its consumers.

No water required

Quickly dries on hands without the need for rinsing with water. Ideal for use outside the washroom at the point of need.

Contains natural hamamelis astringent extract

Helps to prevent the skin from softening when sweating during glove use

Glove compatible​

Can be applied to hands prior to wearing latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves.


Helps reduce the potential for allergic reaction and skin irritation. Ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrances. 


Scientific Test Data

Full details on scientific tests for Deb® InstantGEL Complete is available on request. Email [email protected]

Muslim Faith Statement

Download the Muslim Faith statement on the use of alcohol based hand sanitisers.