Kresto® Special WIPES

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Ultra-Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Wipes

Varnish · Resins · Adhesives · Oil Paints

Kresto® Special WIPES are extra large wipes, impregnated with mild ester based liquid formula for highly effective removal of print and paint shop contaminants.

Where to use: For mobile use without water in industrial environments including print and paint shops

  • Impregnated with a highly effective liquid solvent system -Combines dibasic esters with ethanol for a highly effective cleansing blend to quickly and safely remove adherent contaminants, such as printers inks, synthetic, 2-pack and cellulose paints, base coats and lacquers, body fillers, adhesives and sealants plus most other print and paintshop contaminants.
  • Skin friendly -Proven to be mild to the skin and has excellent cleansing properties, even with super heavy contamination.
  • Tough, extra large wipes -Strong and absorbent, acting quickly and effectively leaving no sticky after-feel.
  • Contain Glycerin -Skin moisturisers to help prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth after use. Citrus fragrance -Makes the product pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh.
  • Versatile and convenient -The handy, easy-to-use tub can be used on-the-move or kept at the work point and used as required with no need for water.
  • Hygienic -Stored in a sealed container to protect from contamination and ensure that each wipe is fresh when used.
  • Silicone-free -Suitable for use in any production sites where paint and surface coating processes are undertaken.

Packaging options

70 ct wipes

Stockcode: ULT70W

Case quantity: 6

150 ct wipes

Stockcode: ULT150W

Case quantity: 4

Product features

  • Perfumed
  • Silicone-Free
  • Suitable for use without water

Locations of use

  • Industrial
  • Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Electronics Industries
  • Mining & Extraction
  • Outdoor Maintenance & Repair
  • Paint and Bodyshops
  • Plastics Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Public Transport Maintenance & Repair
  • Road & Transportation Construction
  • Steel, Engineering, Metal Working & Fabrication, Heavy Manufacturing
  • Auto Mechanic, Machinist
  • Cleansing without water, on the road
  • Metal Industry Worker
  • Painter, Lacquer
  • Imprentas


  • Rubber & Composites
  • Resins, Adhesives & Sealants
  • Oil Based Contaminants
  • General Dirt & Grime
  • Light Industrial Soilings
  • Inks, Dyes & Pigments
  • Lacquers, Varnishes & Coatings
  • Adherent Contaminants

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