Swarfega® Lemon

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Solvent-free lemon hand cleaner combining highly developed surfactant cleaning agents with natural cornmeal hand scrub to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Contains moisturiser to help care for skin.

Packaging options

4 litre pump bottle

Stockcode: SWL4LMP

Case quantity: 4

15 litre pail

Stockcode: SWL15L

Case quantity: 1

1 litre bottle

Stockcode: SWL1LS

Case quantity: 6

2-L cartridge

Stockcode: SWL2LT

Case quantity: 6

4-L cartridge

Stockcode: SWL4LTR

Case quantity: 4

Locations of use

  • Automobile
  • Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  • Auto Mechanic, Machinist


  • General Dirt & Grime
  • Oil & Water Based Contaminants
  • Oil Based Contaminants

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